What are the European colour trends for 2011-12?

  • Every year EFSA [the European Floral & Lifestyle Products Suppliers Association] commission the Nelly Rodi [TM] Agency in Paris to present their thoughts on the colour trends for the coming seasons. Presented as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter compositions with four themed colour variations, this insight gives members of the association a framework within which to design their respective new season products. As consumers, it gives us a "heads-up" on which colours may be to the forefront of lifestyle and floral designs. We hope you enjoy their exciting new season colour forecasts.
  • Sugared Spring
  • Sunny Blossom
  • Hippie Rhapsody
  • Magic Kitchen Garden
  • Hunting Lodge
    • Frozen Garden
    • Golden Treasure
    • Modern Serenity

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