Spring/Summer 2012 Colourways

EFSA [European Floral &  Lifestyle Suppliers Federation] have published their Trend Brochure for Spring/Summer 2012. This bi-annual publication is based on the "Trend and Colour Forecast developed by the renowned Trend Agency Nelly Rodi [TM] Paris in co-operation with the EFSA Colour Committee".   Here's your "heads-up" on one of four colour trends they are picking will be in vogue for the coming Spring/Summer seasons with their respective theme names:

Sweet Romance

Sweet Romance EFSA

La Maison Du Bonheur

La Maison Du Bonheur EFSA

Happy Mix

Happy Mix EFSA

Casbah Moderna

Cashbah Moderna EFSA

So which ribbons match?

As you will appreciate getting an exact match is difficult as ribbons are not Pantone colour controlled.  What we have attempted to do however is give you an idea of our organza ribbon colours which most closely match the EFSA colour forecasts. They are:

Sweet Romance

Sweet Romance Organza

Organza colours shown in the order displayed above are PT09-PT32-PT05-PT40-PT24V-PT18-PT04

La Maison du Bonheur

La Maison du Bonheur Organza


Happy Mix

Happy Mix Organza

Back row  PT09-PT72-PT04-PT22-PT60-PT34-PT57

Front row PT51-PT33-PT24V-PT43V-PT13/19

Casbah Moderna

Casbah Moderna Organza


What are the European colour trends for 2011-12?

  • Every year EFSA [the European Floral & Lifestyle Products Suppliers Association] commission the Nelly Rodi [TM] Agency in Paris to present their thoughts on the colour trends for the coming seasons. Presented as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter compositions with four themed colour variations, this insight gives members of the association a framework within which to design their respective new season products. As consumers, it gives us a "heads-up" on which colours may be to the forefront of lifestyle and floral designs. We hope you enjoy their exciting new season colour forecasts.
  • Sugared Spring
  • Sunny Blossom
  • Hippie Rhapsody
  • Magic Kitchen Garden
  • Hunting Lodge
    • Frozen Garden
    • Golden Treasure
    • Modern Serenity