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About Us

MyRibbonWorld is the online retail division of our ribbon distribution business - the largest fabric ribbon distributor in our market.  We source the HIGHEST quality brands from Europe, North America and Asia.  With our selection of over 2,000 ex-stock lines, we believe we offer the largest selection of cut to order and rolled ribbon on the planet.  Not all options are available in all markets due to existing supply relationships.

Unit Of Sale

We sell ribbon by the metre [1 metre = 39.3 inches or 3.28 feet] and the roll.  For those of you used to buying in yards – a metre is 6% larger than a yard.  In some instances our minimum order quantity for cut ribbon may be a multiple of metres.  Roll meterage is shown at an individual product line level and represents a significant saving over the per metre rate.


We will display pricing in the currency appropriate to your country of delivery and will charge your credit card with that currency amount.  We will not convert to another currency.  In some instances where we do not transact in your home currency, the price has been set in an appropriate international currency.  In order to ensure we always display your correct currency, pricing and volume discounts we invite you to take a few seconds to Register.

Volume Ordering

If you purchase by the roll, our system automatically offers volume discounting based on the number of rolls of the same Type/Size/Edge you purchase.  If you are a regular volume buyer of more than 25 rolls of the same ribbon [mixed colourways included] we invite you to complete the Volume Pricing Request form on the main menu.  We will be delighted to consider your requirements and if possible offer you additional volume related pricing based on your typical purchase volume.  

Ribbon Cuts

We guarantee to supply any order for 5M or less of ribbon as one continuous piece of ribbon.  Where ordered lengths are greater than 5M or by the roll we cannot guarantee the quantity supplied will be join free.  Where longer cut lengths are ordered we recognise your preference would be for a continuous meterage.  We will endeavour to supply your order with minimal joins.

Order Turnaround Objective

We will strive to dispatch your order within two working days of order receipt.  In the event that we are unable to ship within 5 days we will contact you.  Delivery leadtimes must be added to this order turnaround objective to determine your estimated order arrival date.

Out of Stock Lines

If a product is currently out of stock, we will endeavour to display this status via our website i.e. you should be unable to order the product.  Due to customer ordering load and website up-dating leadtimes, we may occasionally be out of stock and may not have had time to update the website.  Our commitment to you is that we can ship 99% of items ex-stock within our Order Turnaround objective.


We do not offer samples.  As our typical minimum order is one metre, should the colour, finish, suitability etc be critical to you, we strongly recommend you order the minimum quantity before committing to a larger order.


We endeavour to describe colour accurately and to ensure the photographs we display are realistic.  We have cross-referenced colour names to Wikipedia to create some consistency in our naming convention.  This also enables you to look up colours independently.  We will do our utmost to ensure we adhere to this convention but because of the large number of ribbons involved cannot guarantee our naming will be error free.  The photographs we display will give an alternative colour reference.  Refer for a definition and sample of colours.  Please note the manner in which colours are displayed on your computer screen is a function of many variables including your screen resolution and the number of colours your graphics card is set to display.  As we purchase ribbons in bulk we cannot guarantee that the colours from one batch to the next will be 100% consistent.  If there is a colour variation we will do our utmost to ensure this is reflected in the colour description and the displayed photograph.  If you order multiple rolls of the same colour, we will ensure they are all from the same batch.


We use the PayPal system for the processing of your order payment.  PayPal is owned and operated by eBay and provides a secure way of making credit card and money transfers via the internet. Your payment details are not disclosed to us by PayPal, therefore your financial confidentiality is protected.

Delivery Method, Insured Value & Tracking

The delivery charge for your order is based on the weight, speed and surety of delivery you require.  We use our country’s postal service which offers an extensive range of international air postal and courier options.  As such, orders will be sent at either a Letter [up to 200g] or Parcel rate [up to 20kg].  You can select the method most appropriate to your circumstances.  Your options are:

  • International Air Satchel Letter or Parcel - target delivery is 3-10 working days to 220 countries worldwide insured up to a maximum of $US190 with no tracking.
  • International Air Parcel - target of 3-10 working days delivery to 220 countries worldwide, insured up to a maximum of $US190 with no tracking.
  • International Economy Courier Letter and Parcel - target of 2-6 working days delivery to 25 countries, insured up to a maximum of $US1,500 with tracking and signature on delivery

In the event of non or damaged delivery, items will be resent Free of Charge once a claim has been approved by our postal service provider. A claim will be lodged immediately upon notification by you, but you agree re-delivery is conditional upon claim prior-approval by our provider.

Taxes & Duties

Goods we export are exempt from any of our local governmental Value Added, Goods or Sales taxes.  We accept no responsibility however for any levies, taxes or other charges which may arise due to your order arriving into your Country.  Our delivery charge covers only the cost of the postal/courier component to deliver the goods to your mailing address and the insurance thereon.  You accept responsibility for any governmental taxes or charges levied within your country’s borders and any Customs or other clearance requirements for such items.

Returns & Credit Policy

Once supplied, goods cannot be returned unless we have supplied the incorrect item or they are faulty.  Many of our ribbons are supplied on high quality plastic spools.  We will do our utmost to ensure such items are packaged in a way as to minimise the chance of breakage.  We will not resupply ribbon with a broken spool as whilst this is not ideal, such spools can typically be easily repaired with cellotape.  In the event of an incorrectly supplied or faulty item please communicate with us via the Complaint Form under the Contact Us option on our menu bar.  We may require you to supply a photograph.  Based on the nature of your dissatisfaction we will at our sole discretion resupply the product, provide you with a full refund for the item against your credit card or advise why we think your claim is not valid. 

Looking for Product

Our website is designed to enable you to find the product you’re looking for via three easy-to-use methods. You can select the option which best suits the way you wish to shop.  The options are:

  • TYPE – THEME – COLOUR – WIDTH [TTCW] buttons to the left of the Home page. By selecting one of these buttons you will be presented with a list of available options.  Use this method where there is one criteria which is of primary importance to you and you want to select from the available options:

    • TYPE = when you are after a specific type of manufactured ribbon e.g. grosgrain, organza, satin, cord etc.
    • THEME = if you are after a specific design on your ribbon e.g. a birthday motif, hearts, Xmas, spots, stripes etc.

    • COLOUR = where you are after a ribbon colour.  If you need a blue ribbon of no particular shade, select ‘BLUE’ for a list of all available blues, otherwise select the shade you are trying to match e.g. ‘BLU Reflex’. Refer Wikipedia for a sample of the colour and the colourway naming convention we have used.

    • WIDTH = Where you are after a specific ribbon width.

Remember, whilst we have over 2000 ribbons ex-stock, it is possible we do not have a ribbon which matches your exact request in which case you will get a “nil” search result.

If you would like to see a wider selection of ribbons you might like to use the SHOP FOR RIBBONS option below.

  • SHOP FOR RIBBONS option on the menu bar. This graphic displays groups of ribbon by Category and Sub-category which can be quite different from the TYPE or THEME selections per the TTCW buttons above. Categories can be Plain or Patterned, Cords or Meshes, Novelty, Xmas, Occasion etc which in turn are broken down by subcategory e.g. Occasion might be Baby, Bridal, Birthday, Valentines etc. 


  • FINDA Tool Bar - This is your most powerful selection tool. The FINDA tool bar was designed by MyRibbonWorld and enables you to filter your ribbon selection down to the minutest level of detail. If you are after a 25mm satin ribbon which is red with saddle stitch and has a woven edge and we sell it, you will be able to find it via the FINDA tool bar.  Just be aware - the more specific you are with your FINDA request the fewer the number of ribbons which will meet your requirements. If you don’t get the result you need, just remove one of your selection criteria and try again.  This should present you with a greater selection of available options. 

The FINDA tool bar displays at the top and bottom of all screens once you have made a primary ribbon selection.  Where possible, it should also be populated with the selection options which reflect the result being displayed.  If you change one of more of the FINDA drop list options and press the FIND NOW button again, this will re-search the ribbon database based on your amended set of requirements.


By selecting one or more of the tick boxes below the FINDA Toolbar fields, the results of your query will be sorted for you based on the "ticked" order you select.


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